Volume 32

Stephen Mack‘s dissertation in progress is “Donatello and the Unfinished: The Rough Aesthetic in Florentine Sculpture from Donatello to Michelangelo.”










Kimiko Matsumura is a doctoral candidate in nineteenth- and twentieth-century American art. Her research interests include intersections of art and science, history of museums and institutional critique, and race and representation. Kimiko’s dissertation,  “Science/Fiction: American Museum of Natural History Dioramas and their Post-war Artistic Responses,” considers how illusionistic display at the American Museum framed relationships to nature in the first half of the twentieth century and how American artists have since used these displays to construct new relationships to the natural world.


Hannah Shaw is a Ph.D. candidate specializing in the history of photography, with a minor field in medieval art. Her dissertation, “August Sander and the Photographic Conditions of Nazi-Era Germany,” considers how Weimar-era photographers and photographic strategies were integrated into the visual culture of National Socialism. As the Graduate Curatorial Assistant within the Department of American Art at the Zimmerli Art Museum (2016-2017), she assisted with the exhibition “Subjective Objective: A Century of Social Photography,” and curated “It’s Just a Job: Bill Owens and Studs Terkel on Working in 1970s America” (2018). She received a graduate research fellowship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in 2017-2018.